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Communicating Effectively with Marketing & Communications Expert Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Episode Summary

Marketing and communications expert Dr. Andrea Wojnicki and I met through our mutual passion for podcasting. Her show is Talk About Talk. In this episode, Dr. Andrea teaches us sound methods to improve communication for healthier and stronger relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Episode Notes

Dr. Andrea is the Founder & Chief Talker at Talk About Talk, a learning platform focused on communication skills. She has an insatiable desire to learn. She managed a toy store, marketed cheese, earned a black belt, painted seascapes, started a book club, and taught MBA students. Andrea earned her Doctorate in Business Administration (Marketing) from Harvard Business School, where her dissertation focused on consumer psychology and word-of-mouth. (She is still obsessed with understanding why you said whatever it is that you just said!) To satisfy her desire to learn, Andrea created “Talk About Talk” - a platform to share her research and interviews with experts. She would love to talk! You can connect with her at

You can find her at Andrea: and hear her show Talk About Talk:

In this episode, Dr. Andrea Talks About:

Here are the episodes from TalkAboutTalk 🎧 mentioned in the show:
• Talking to your DOC -
• Body Language - and listen to her podcast, Talk about Talk, here

These are the books mentioned in the episode -
“Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High” by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler
“You’ve Got 8 Seconds” by Paul Hellman

And a paper by Dr. Andrea to improve your communication:
• Andrea’s recent “Communication Skills” Paper

Practical Tips:
This episode is chock full of great tips by Dr. Andrea to improve our communication skills. Better communication encourages healthier and happier connections with the people in our lives. It takes practice. Take a look at the show notes for this episode for links to Dr. Andrea’s Talk About Talk Podcast episodes mentioned in the show, her website, her recent Communication Skills Paper outlining the ABCDE’s of communication. Two of my family members put these skills into practice just this week to transform what might have been a very unpleasant interaction to one that instead confirmed their love, mutual understanding, and respect for one another.